The rights and obligations of joining the alliance

IoTDB Business Alliance is an alliance advocated by Timecho to build a business ecosystem around the underlying technology of Apache IoTDB. It aims to build a business map with partners, promote the application of the underlying technology of Apache IoTDB in various scenarios, and provide customers with more professional, timely and comprehensive support services.

What is the IoTDB Business Alliance?


1. Get original technical support from the Apache IoTDB core team. Customers of alliance members will not only receive  

    technical support from alliance members, but also receive immediate responses to customer questions from Apache IoTDB 

    developers from Timecho.

2. Participate in the annual IoTDB Business Alliance Conference to discuss the current difficulties and challenges, and share 

    the market and opportunities around Apache IoTDB.

3. Technical request support to the Apache IoTDB community will be given higher priority. We will evaluate the technical needs 

     put forward by alliance members as quickly as possible, and provide relevant solutions.

4. Interoperate relevant cases of Apache IoTDB's underlying technology in various scenarios, and jointly build industrial 

    Internet big data application solutions based on Apache IoTDB. All members of the alliance will share the case pool of the 

    application of Apache IoTDB underlying technology in various scenarios.


1. The commercial version released by the alliance members needs to be compatible with the existing Apache IoTDB version. 

    This allows Apache IoTDB developers to understand customer issues in a relatively short period of time.

2. Each alliance member will be obliged to contribute at least 3 user cases every year to the case pool where the alliance's 

    Apache IoTDB underlying technology is applied in various scenarios. For each case submitted, the IoTDB Business Alliance 

    will conduct a review to ensure the quality of the case. We advocate that members of the alliance should disclose the 

    content of the case as much as possible without involving commercial secrets.

How to join IoTDB Business Alliance?

Under the premise that you are aware and accept the rights and obligations of the IoTDB business alliance, you can contact us to join the IoTDB business alliance.


The email should contain: the company's full name, an introduction to the commercial software based on Apache IoTDB

We will communicate with you after receiving your email. After passing our assessment and certification, we will officially send an email to notify you.

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